Trusts / Estates Services

Our mission is to assist our clients with their personal and financial goals. What makes our firm unique from most firms is that we have a dedicated trust department.  Our team’s years of experience ensures that you receive an accurate and timely advice and work products. With multiple CPAs on staff, you have access to over 50 years of tax and accounting expertise working on your behalf.  Our CPAs collaborate to make sure each client not only receives the best advice but also the most timely and accurate work product. For those who appreciate working face to face, we have multiple office locations for your convenience.  If you prefer to work with us remotely, we utilize the latest technology advances to promote greater client communications and collaboration.  We offer secure file uploads, remote screen sharing, video conferencing, shared QuickBooks file hosting and paperless delivery. Keeping your information private and secure is our top priority. We invest in the latest cybersecurity products and have a dedicated staff that works tirelessly to ensure your information is protected.  Unlike many other accounting firms, our clients’ tax files are never stored in the cloud.

Trust Advisory Services

Trust planning is often an effective tool to protect and manage assets into the future.  We will work with your attorney to setup a trust that best meets your financial and asset protection goals. During the setup process, we offer our clients guidance and explanation of how your trust will be taxed and how it will effect your personal taxes.

Trust Tax Returns

Once your trust is in effect, we will prepare your annual trust tax return. A delayed trust return filing will delay the beneficiaries personal tax return which delays their refund or can create late filing tax penalties.

Estate Advisory Services

When a loved one dies, it can be a very difficult time.  Unfortunately, the burden of handling their assets can add unneeded stress.  Our staff wants to help you through this process and relieve the uncertainty.  We can support those left behind by guiding them through the steps needed to settle their loved one’s estate in the most efficient way possible.  Having someone you can count on during this time, can make all the difference.

Estate Tax Returns

Unfortunately, when a loved one dies, that does not end their tax filing requirements.  A final personal tax return needs to be filed on their behalf.  Also, if they have assets, often estate tax returns need to be filed regardless of the size of the estate.  Our advisors will help you compile the documents needed and prepare the necessary final tax returns